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Asset Protection Trusts - Own Nothing - Control Everything
Provides Asset Protection
Asset protection trusts are a legal, safe and prudent means for shielding assets and not just for the wealthy. We help you choose among several types of offshore trusts, the correct one for your protection and offshore investing needs.
Offshore Private Placement Life Insurance
Provides Asset + Tax Protection
For those who want asset protection and want their investments to grow income, capital gaines and estate tax-free, allow us to introduce you to Offshore Private Placement Life Insurance.
Asset Protection Trusts

Discover how Asset Protection Trusts can help safeguard your wealth. There are several types of Asset Protection Trusts. We can help you decide which of our Asset Protection Trusts is right for you.

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Offshore PPLI

Place wealth in an income, capital gains and estate tax-free environment. Achieve asset protection, gain financial privacy, and enjoy flexibility with regard to your investments. You select your policy's investment advisor.

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Control Technique

Diagram and discussion of a powerful Technique to Achieve Asset Protection and yet Maintain Total Control.

Asset Protection Trusts Techniques

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Low Profiler Foreign Trust

     It is Foreign for legal purposes, but Domestic for tax purposes because it meets the IRS “court” and “control” test.

     This trust “works best for those who are wary of “foreign” trustees and IRS Reporting. The Low Profiler minimizes IRS reporting and you can appoint ypur best friend as the controlling Trustee.
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